FAQ for Vendors

FAQ for Users

What is Little Compass?
Little Compass is a free web and mobile app that gives New Yorkers a very quick and efficient answer to the question many of us ask daily: What should I do with my kids today? Some of us plan in advance, while others prefer to live life on the fly. One thing that is characteristic of all of us New York parents is that time is always short. We live a fast pace life and we have to make quick decisions. Little Compass will help you be spontaneous. It will guide you and give you great ideas for you and your little ones. And if you are a planner, it will help you too! Now you can enjoy fun and creative activities like a gummy bears cooking class, urban farming, watching a musical or even performing in one.
Does it cost anything to use Little Compass?
Nope. Little Compass is a free resource, so enjoy!
Do I need to sign up in order to use Little Compass?
Nope, you can just go ahead and look for something to do. If you would like to be in our inner circle, and benefit from many exciting entertainment ideas for you and your family, please sign up here. We just opened our doors and we're adding fun and interesting activities every day. Also our user portal (coming to LC in January) will allow you to save your activities, make plans, invite your friends and create your own wish list. Whether or not you sign up, you can use our web application (or mobile web) and soon you will be able to download the app on your mobile phone.
What is your privacy policy?
We will not sell, rent or share your email address or any other information. Please read the detailed privacy policy here.
Will I be receiving emails from Little Compass?
Occasionally we will make some interesting announcements to our community via email. There will be an option to unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive correspondence.
Do I need any software to utilize the app?
No. Any browser, computer, mobile or semi mobile device will work.
Who are Little Compass activity providers?
Little Compass gets its activities from local businesses that provide family friendly services. From museums, schools, arts and crafts, theaters, local libraries and cultural centers to local kid friendly restaurants, bakeries, chocolatiers, toy stores, kid friendly spas and much more.
Can I create an event as a Little Compass User?
Yep, please email us at ideas@littlecompass.com
Is Little Compass in any other city other than NYC?
Not yet, but if you are interested in creating a Little Compass community in your city, we would love to chat. Please send us an email to info@littlecompass.com
For additional questions?
Give us a call or just send an email and we will respond promptly: