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Little Compass 3.0
We have been working hard and our technicians are making progress. We are getting closer to the deployment of a new version of Little Compass! It will have a few exciting and of course USEFUL features. Please stay tuned and sign up to be included into our upcoming Kid Compass News feature.
Little Compass Paris - Coming soon!
We just launched our site in NYC and soon we will release our cool Iphone and Droid App. Despite the fact that we are still in our infancy and growing now, some parents expressed the interest to bring Little Compass to Paris. And we said why not. So if you happen to travel to Paris with your kids you will soon be able to use the Parisian version. Stay tuned!
Now Hiring!!!!
We are looking for a few people to join Little Compass? We are looking for an experienced Account Manager and a not so experienced, yet witty and organized Marketing Coordinator to join our team. Please send us an email with a little about yourself and what is your favorite snack -